Glamour Shots

Gallery-Ready Prints, Minus the Gallery

There's never been a better time to cut out the middleman.

This is true whether you're talking about real estate, fencing jewelry or, say, dealing in limited-edition nude photography. While we can't help you with the first two, we can introduce you to our new friend, who is unloading photographic beauties through that illustrious back door known as the Internet.

Welcome to photographerslimitededitions.com, your new resource for high-end art photography.

Think of it as your own personal gallery and auction house, except that while you shop, you don't have to wear pants. (Fortunately, neither do the subjects.) The site sells exclusive, limited-edition prints from big name shutterbugs (Baptiste, Rankin, Watts), typically starring a few of your favorite people (Mick and Keef , Claudia, this striking blonde), all without requiring you to endure a few glasses of cheap chard at an opening. It's as if a gallery's best stuff fell off a truck and landed on the Internet. (We're pretty sure that didn't actually happen.)

If you're not sure where to start—so many nudes, so little time—allow us to make a few humble recommendations. This black-and-white shot of Mssrs. Bowie, Hirst and Schnabel is a primer in impossible cool; ditto this vintage snap of The Boss. Finally, Penelope Cruz in a baby carriage should keep you company during the lonely nights.

The not-so-lonely ones, too.



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