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The iPhone App You've Been Craving

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We left you hanging and we feel terrible on the inside. Sure, we got you to the new rustic Italian spot for dinner. And maybe we even made sure you found your way to the perfect underground cocktail den for your date last week.
But what about those fireside beers you wanted after your burrata? What about the perfect place to dance post-martinis? We weren't there for you when you needed the next move. But that all changes today.
Behold the awesome might of the new UrbanDaddy iPhone application The Next Move, setting your pocket on fire starting today.
Think of The Next Move as the closest you can come to having an UrbanDaddy editor in your pocket without kidnapping one of us and then buying a much larger pair of pants. It's UrbanDaddy, real time and on the go.
What that means for you is that we have the answers to all your pressing, immediate questions... Like, what if you're heading to brunch with a date who loves bacon? Or what's the next move if things got weird at happy hour and you're looking for a Monday night dance party with clients from out of town? We'll even tell you where to get down when you're jonesing for some champagne at 8am.
And the app is chock-full of filtered UrbanDaddy content, honed to meet your exact needs right at the moment you need it—when you're on the move.
It was this or a Hallmark card.

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