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The Grilled Cheese Invitational

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Restaurants, bars, and clubs are all perfectly fine social venues, but when was the last time you spent a Saturday night at a sandwich making competition?

We're not talking about some cooking contest hosted by the likes of Rachel Ray. We're talking about the Grilled Cheese Invitational: part cook-off, part costume party, part raucous evening of cheese and drink—think Burning Man meets the Food Network.

Last time around (this is the 2nd 4th annual competition, which translates as 5th) the GCI had over 300 people in attendance including 60 competitors, and this year you can expect an even bigger crowd.

Everyone who shows up gets to taste and vote for the best creations in three categories, including: The Missionary Position, for traditional sandwiches (think Wonder Bread and Kraft slices); The Kama Sutra, for the more exotic (rosemary ciabatta with Monterey Jack anyone?); and The Honey Pot, for those who have somehow mastered the concept of grilled cheese as dessert (why didn't we think of that?).

We're not quite sure what kind of shenanigans have accompanied the contest in years past, but this year organizers have officially banned vomiting clowns, and encourage contestants to have sex before—but definitely not during—the competition.

To add a bit of mystery to the Grilled Cheese Invitational, its location isn't announced until the day of the event, when it's posted on the competition's web site.

Happy cheesing.

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