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Starring In the Web's Next Viral Video: You

UrbanDaddy - Yoostar Practice your Forrest Gump drawl. Brush up on your Brando. Polish your best "I … drink … your … MILKSHAKE."

Oh, and get ready for your close-up.

Introducing Yoostar, a new game that puts you inside your favorite movies, thanks to the magic of digital editing. It's officially launching in July, but based on our recent preview, you should reserve a copy now.

Think of it as karaoke for film buffs. Or Rock Band for wannabe actors. Or something to do until your agent calls you back. The setup is stupid simple: Just hook up the included webcam, put up the six-by-six green screen (also included), and select one of the game's growing library of movie clips to act along with—from Reservoir Dogs to The Godfather. (Five major film studios are on board, as is the NBA; the company also plans to regularly add news footage, so you can finally deliver the State of the Union as only you can—topless.) Soon, you're cutting class with Cameron and bowling with the Dude. ("Calmer than you are.")

And, of course, like anything on the net, the goal is to turn your videos viral, thanks to a YouTube-like online interface where you can post finished clips. Feel free to use this as your virtual casting couch, but remember that the site will filter out videos with nudity or swearing.

In other words, Basic Instinct isn't included.


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