Under The Table

The Best Table Money Can Buy

We're all aware of your 'in' with countless restaurant owners around the city and the ease with which you can line up a resy for two at La Esquina on the Friday of Fashion Week. But once in a while, it's nice to skip all of that and just slip the right person a couple of bucks.

The folks behind not only recognize your natural instinct to let your money do the talking, but they also let you do it in privacy. This shadowy (yet apparently effective) online reservation service allows you to skip your influence-peddling and saunter into some of the country's toughest books with a click of your mouse. You need four for Nobu this Saturday? No problem. Party of eight at Le Cirque? Child's play.

All you need to do to is register online and choose from two programs: either a flat fee for the year ($450), or pay-as-you-go. There's no start-up fee, and the cost per reservation varies depending on your shoddy punctuality—two days prior ($35), one day prior ($40), and the ever elusive day-of ($45).

The most intriguing part about this service might be the pseudonym they send you when you book the day before or the day of. Well, that and the fact they ask that under no circumstances should you mention "PrimeTimeTables."

It might be our imagination, but that Kobe tartar tastes...different...when you're a Mr. Doisneau.

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