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Motoring Through the Alps

It's been a rough year and we're not suggesting you get reckless—but your best move might be blowing your remaining lucre on all the finest things the world has left to offer. We're thinking fast cars, grand European hotels…and maybe even a few Alps while you're at it. 

Introducing the First Class Tour, a two-day tour of some of the most majestic spots in Europe in some of the sweetest cars on the continent, starting this weekend. 

Think of it as a supercharged tour of Europe, taking turns between a silver Aston Martin DB9 roadster, a BMW M6, a Weismann MF3 and a Lamborghini Gallardo with enough horsepower to invade Russia. You'll start out at a 19th century lake palace known as the Hotel Luzern, and spend the second night taking in the dramatic peaks and old-world opulence at the Victoria-Jungfrau 25 miles to the south. As for how you'll get there and back—that's the fun part. 

Between hotels, you'll get a solid six hours trekking through the winding alpine roads in a supercharged carriage. The local guides will lead you through the sweetest hairpin turns, the sharpest inclines and the most breathtaking picnic spots for whenever you happen to break for lunch. And if you're still hungry for speed at the trip's end, you can take on Austria's hills the same way… 

Just stop before you hit St. Petersburg.


First Class Tour
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