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Seth Rogen's Cannabis Brand, Houseplant, Has Coffee Now

The New Line Is a Collaboration with Cometeer and Launches with Two Inaugural Roasts

Image: Houseplant x Cometeer

"You can't wake and bake without first being awake."

Enlightened as that is, it doesn't come from Confucius or Aristotle.

It's from Seth Rogen, who knows the joys of caffeine and cannabis. Now his Houseplant brand has teamed up with Cometeer on a new coffee line, so you can reliably wake, bake and start your day.

Houseplant was founded by Rogen and his film-making partner, Evan Goldberg, and it sells smoking products and accessories, including handmade pottery ashtrays by Rogen himself. Their new collab with Cometeer, makers of the world's first frozen coffee capsules, features a collection of roasts inspired by a mutual love of coffee and its revered place in their daily rituals and creative processes.

seth rogen drinking Houseplant by Cometeer coffee
Houseplant x Cometeer

The inaugural roasts are Bean There Done That, which is a single-origin medium roast from Ethiopia sporting notes of peach, sweet tea, and orange. Get Roasted is a blend from Central America with notes of dark chocolate, cashew and baking spices that's reminiscent of Mexican hot chocolate. Both are flash-frozen at peak flavor and then shipped to you on dry ice. Melt the capsule's contents in water, and you can quickly sip on hot or iced drinks, from regular coffee to lattes, cappuccinos and even Espresso Martinis.

If you don't want to think about procuring coffee each day, sign up for the monthly shipment, and you'll get 32 cups worth of Houseplant by Cometeer coffee sent your way every four weeks, divided between the two roasts. Each cup has 180 milligrams of caffeine, which is a stronger jolt than the typical coffee.

Houseplant x Cometeer coffee
Houseplant x Cometeer

"From where we sit, coffee and cannabis are the perfect pair," said Goldberg. "Our first smoke of the day gets our creativity flowing and brings a sense of calm, while our morning coffee gives us energy and focus. Our goal with Houseplant Coffee by Cometeer is to provide that same sweet balance to both cannabis and caffeine enthusiasts alike. If they are one and the same, like us, all the better."

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