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This Witch-Approved Vodka Was Aged Under a Full Moon

It's Here Just in Time for All Your Midsummer Rituals

Image: Harridan Vodka

Today marks the summer solstice, aka midsummer.

But rather than subjecting you to the violent whims of a pagan cult, we'll just tell you about this new vodka.

Midsummer Reserve was developed in collaboration with The Hoodwitch who, as it turns out, is one of the most popular witches on the Internet. It comes from Harridan, the same company that brought you Paranormal Reserve, which was rested for a week in three of America's most haunted houses. So, they have some experience in off-the-wall spirit releases.

In this case, Midsummer Reserve was rested under a full moon during May’s lunar eclipse, a practice that supposedly cleanses and charges the bottle with lunar energy. We can't vouch for that method, but we're not about to question it, lest we get on the witch's bad side. 

Harridan midsummer vodka
Harridan Vodka

The 44% ABV vodka is double-distilled from organic corn, and the company says it has a floral aroma and creamy mouthfeel, with notes of citrus, black pepper, toffee and caramel, plus a hint of vanilla on the finish. 

The bottle is sealed with white wax and comes in an engraved wooden box that includes "everything you need to manifest a prosperous and powerful season." That translates to a rosemary smudge stick, ritual candles, a dropper bottle for ritual oils, and a crystal set, with Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite crystals. 

The box also includes a zine by The Hoodwitch, which contains spells, tarot card spreads and instructions for how to use said tools to manifest abundance, self-confidence and prosperity this season—and, because this is still a bottle of liquor, it features a few cocktail recipes.

Drinks are also known to help with self-confidence.

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