21 Productive Things to Do Today

Each of Them "Social Distancing" Approved

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In strange times like these, it's difficult to know how to spend your days.

But since it looks like we'll all be home a lot more than usual for the foreseeable future, we compiled a list of 21 things you might want to do today. And tomorrow. And the next day.

Use these ideas liberally. And wash your hands.

1. Support your favorite restaurants by ordering delivery or takeout, and tip them extravagantly.

2. Take a break from the news and read a good book.

3. Look at pictures of puppies. Or kittens. Or whatever tiny animals lower your stress levels best.

4. Cook a new recipe. Soup is always a good choice, including David Chang's ramen.

5. Start making your way through the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or a ridiculously long movie franchise, like James Bond, Star Wars or the Fast and the Furious.

6. Give all the surfaces in your home a good scrubbing.

7. Try a little reverse psychology on your anxiety by listening to "It's the End of the World" by R.E.M. Or "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel.

8. Donate to your favorite charity.

9. Finally buckle down and learn that foreign language you've always wanted to know. Duolingo and Babbel can help.

10. Write a letter. Just kidding. But maybe text some friends and family to see how they're doing.

11. Go for a walk somewhere isolated, and breathe deeply of the fresh air.

12. Meditate. Don't know how? They've got apps for that, too.

13. Send someone a quarantine gift basket with all their favorite snacks and diversions.

14. Drink a bunch of whiskey. Perhaps one of these new Irish whiskeys.

15. Call your mom.

16. Stream an at-home exercise class and enjoy the endorphin rush.

17. Get a head start on your taxes. Because somehow we'll still owe taxes.

18. Whittle down your emails until you reach inbox zero.

19. Reactivate your Words with Friends account and challenge everyone you know to a game.

20. Go all Marie Kondo on the unnecessary crap that's crowding your closets.

21. Sleep until June.

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