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30 Holiday Cocktails to Make at Home

Let the Aviary's New Book Be Your Guide


There's no rule that says you have to drink holiday cocktails during the holidays.

After all, beer and wine still taste great in December.

But when everything around you looks so damn festive, your beverage might as well follow suit.

For such occasions, there's The Aviary: Holiday Cocktails, a follow-up tome to the famed bar's seminal work, eloquently titled The Aviary Cocktail Book. This new version is similar to the original, in that it features mouthwatering recipes and gorgeous photography. 

But it's also different, in that it's not a 440 page hardcover coffee table book filled with recipes that require a degree in chemistry to recreate. Instead, here you've got a downright digestible paperback featuring 100 pages and 30 all-new recipes you'll want to drink this holiday season.

Those drinks include the Cider Margarita with cranberry ice. And the White Chocolate Milk Punch with cinnamon-infused bourbon. And the Polar Plunge with aged rum, vermouth and chocolate. Then there's the Beam Me Up, Toddy with bourbon, dry vermouth, pear brandy and a Star Trek pun.

Mixing these up isn't quite the same as adding some Irish whiskey to your coffee. But if you follow the detailed instructions, you'll soon be holding an impressive cocktail that tastes as good as it looks. 

Another, even easier idea: Gift this book to a friend and graciously let them make the drinks for you.

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