Slightly Special Taiwanese in the East Village

Let the Danzai Mian Shrimp Broth Wash Over You

Oleg March

Has anyone offered you any Taiwanese sausage fried rice yet this week? No. That's rude. We're gonna fix you up good. 

Here it comes. 

Would you like some delicious Taiwanese sausage fried rice from 886, a vibrant, Instagrammable Taiwanese + twists eatery from a couple guys with Momofuku and Tang experiences between them? It's open now on St. Mark's. 

What is this place? At this juncture, it looks like the perfectly millennialized spot to demonstrate to a first date your dynamic global palate as you get to know one another beneath the purple neon lights, taking down—along with the rice—Three Cup chicken wings, Danzai Mian and a Sausage Party (homemade pork, peanut, cilantro and cured duck yolk over sticky rice) as you do. Sausage party, indeed.

The numerically inclined concept also presents a fine opportunity to expand your sake horizons, including with a local, on-tap option, Brooklyn Kura, which is NYC's first sake brewery, btw.

Now, at this next juncture, we're going to provide you with the photos and menu so you can get all prepped and excited to go.

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