Holy Ground: A Summer Pop-Up Turned Underground Meat Speakeasy

Tribeca's Latest Sexy Subterranean Space for Tiki-Inspired Swizzles and Mountains of Pulled Pork

By Ilana Dadras ·
Food & Drink: Henry Hargreaves; Interiors: Robert Malmberg

Holy Ground: an area of Tribeca in the 1700s owned by Trinity Church that was, at one point, the grittiest part of New York City. 

Also, a secret barbecue joint in a church backyard turned killer new subterranean steakhouse-barbecue joint. 

We'll explain. But first, know that it's opening tomorrow.

You'll find Holy Ground down a flight of stairs off of Reade Street—a dimly lit space inspired by prohibition-era speakeasies: with curved red leather booths, vintage velvet wallpaper and brass and oak detailing. The partners behind it have names like Café Altro Paradiso and Sauvage under their belts, and have partnered with pit-master Franco V to bring this old New York-inspired spot to fruition. 

Now, Franco's been honing his barbecue skills over in a Williamsburg church backyard—it's where his summer pop-up has lived for the past couple years, and he's bringing things like ribs torched table side and large-format brisket to the menu here. It's a sort of steakhouse-barbecue hybrid situation here: a lot of smoking and pulling and roasting going on. Massive prime rib with smoked herb jus, thousand-dollar steak (but actually), a half-smoked chicken. Maybe don't bring that vegan you've been seeing. 

But come hungry, order generously and consider your cocktail options, which are plentiful: a tiki-inspired swizzle wih rums, sherry, passionfruit and pineapple is a good move, as is their Pendennis Club Cocktail—a gin sour with peach and apricot.

And if you're the type who likes to have a look around before heading over, do that right here.

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