Noted Tribeca: An All-Day Korean Affair From Coffee to Cocktails

This Type of Place Is Always Appreciated When You're Down There

By Thompson Brandes ·
Oleg March

Some outstanding Monday news has arrived in the form of Noted Tribeca, a verdant all-day cafe, cocktail and Korean spot now serving up coffee in a Downtown neighborhood we feel we shouldn't have to specify.

Helmed by couple and co-founders Seong Choi and Minho Yang, there's a communal lounge feel during the day, like a shared workspace designed with the paid consultation of an influencer with just the sweet spot amount of followers. But it's better here, and there are waffles topped with pork belly. By evening, you're taking a load off with that friend you're finally getting together with after not being able to make it happen for weeks. Together, you're feasting on Hamachi Crudo, Jeon, and purple sweet potatoes crafted by ABC Kitchen vet Steve Song. You can get a good look at the experience here.

We suggest—once you've reconnected and asked yourself, "why don't I hang out with X more often?" that you wash it all down with a seasonal cocktail—one with no name for you to painstakingly pronounce incorrectly, because they're all given numbers instead. So you’ll have a 003: a concoction of rum, lemon, ciao cara amaro and capaletti, and you'll begin the entire cycle of New York friendship all over again. 

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