The Emmy Squared Team Expands to the East Village

You've Got to Try This Detroit-Style Muffuletta-Inspired Pie

By Ilana Dadras ·

Detroit-style pies, a Big Mac-inspired double cheeseburger and not a seat for you to sit on till next Tuesday. 

Yep, just like her sister spots.

And indeed, the East Village has recently been blessed with its own Emmy Squared—the third outpost (Emmy Cubed?) from wife-and-husband restaurateurs Emily and Matthew Hyland. It's open now on First Ave. Some of it's the same, some of it's different, all of it's laid out below...

The stuff you know and love: Well, the thick, crispy-edged square pies are the same. The whole menu's pretty similar to the original Williamsburg location—a broccoli-radish-pear salad with miso soy dressing, a bok choy Caesar, a double cheeseburger with special sauce and waffle fries, for those not here for pizza. For those here for pizza: truffle-ricotta, banana peppers-red onion-ranch and spicy pepperoni-pickled jalapeño-honey option all make the cut for the new location.

The stuff you don't know but will likely love: Notably, a New Orleans-inspired Emmyletta, with mortadella, Ezzo pepperoni and olive salad. The other new one's a white pie with an Indian influence—it's called Curry Row, and it's got chutney, cauliflower, peppers and onions and a pickled Indian condiment known as achaar. 

We've got photos of 'em all, and where you'll consume them, right here.

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