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By Kady Ruth Ashcraft ·
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This spring, are you looking for something less daunting than a full television series to take on? Perhaps you want some drama, heart, music, levity and workout montage scenes, without the time-suck that comes with watching pretty much anything on TV these days? 

Well, you’re in luck: comedian Megan Amram has made the perfect web series for your overstuffed entertainment roster. It also happens to miraculously fit all of the requirements to make it Emmy eligible. Coincidence? Definitely not.

In An Emmy For Megan, Amram has one goal: to win an Emmy for either Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy of Drama Series or Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series. In a righteous world, she would win both. Did she set out to win an Emmy? Yes, that’s the entire plot of the six-episode series (the minimum requirement to be Emmy eligible).

Amram, a writer for The Simpsons and The Good Place, and previously wrote for Parks and Recreation, Children’s Hospital and Kroll Show, is arguably one of the funniest people working for television today. Her twitter account, which has over 1 million followers, represents all that is good about that social dumpster fire. But she’s never won an Emmy. And that is a national disgrace.

The meta approach and plea for her win could have felt hollow or overly clever, but it just becomes more delightful with each episode—one of which is only 21 seconds long, yet features cameos from RuPaul, Jimmy Kimmel and J.J. Abrams. Julianne Moore officially endorsed the series as well (which may actually be better than winning an Emmy).

Amram makes her case for the win and meets all the very low-bar requirements. Frankly, I think she deserves the golden statuette. Now it’s up to Emmy voters to do what's right (nomination-round voting closes on the 25th). Watch the entire series here, and get inspired to follow your own dreams just as aggressively. 

Kady Ruth Ashcraft

Kady Ruth Ashcraft is a writer, comedian, filmmaker, and Amtrak Princess. Follow her on twitter @kadyrabbit and tweet her pictures of your pets.

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