The Five Most Memorable Moments from the 2018 Tony Awards

ICYMI: A Rousing Speech from Robert DeNiro and Some Juicy Offstage Twitter Beef

By Kady Ruth Ashcraft ·
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Last night was the biggest night in song n’ dance shows, where they give out a small statuette of the Sock and Buskin masks to people who sing and dance real good. Personally, I’m not the biggest theater fan, but I am the biggest awards show fan, so here were the highs and lows of the 2018 Tony Awards, and I’m talkin’ more than just notes, baby! (Give me the Tony for funniest blogger, please!)


Robert DeNiro bravely denounced Trump in front of a room of die hard conservatives and his career will surely face the repercussions of being so outspoken. JK LOL, he shouted “Fuck Trump” into a microphone in a Broadway theater in New York City to a diverse and queer room and it got a standing ovation from adult Harry Potter fans.


I guess in an attempt to age with his fans’ interests, Springsteen has a Broadway musical. The Boss’s Broadway show, creatively named Springsteen on Broadway, won a non-competitive honorary award, pretty much because he's the Boss. But the real win was his performance of "My Hometown."


You can’t have a night at the theater in 2018 without being reminded of the current third act playing out in America right now. The Marjory Stoneman Douglass choir, whose peers were victims of February's horrific mass shooting, performed a heart-wrenching a rendition of Rent’s "Seasons of Love."


Andrew Garfield won best Actor in a play for Angels in America and gave an incredibly touching speech dedicated to the LGBT community.


Technically, this occurred online, but Rachel Bloom—the creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend—had a simple and satisfying response to Neil Patrick Harris not knowing who she was. The night wouldn’t be complete without a bit of shade, darling.

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