Chicha Cafetín and Cocktails: An Absolute Beauty of a Nicaraguan Spot

Banana-Rum Drinks. Nicaraguan Guacamole. Coconut Clams. We'll Go On...

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Come, step into this sun-drenched Brooklyn warehouse.

It's full of frozen rum drinks and Nicaraguan-style sustenance and the potential for many a pleasant summer night.

You'll like it here.

Here being Chicha Cafetín and Cocktails, now open in Bushwick. 

We know, we know—but trust us, it's worth the trek. Let us count the reasons why. 

Firstly, there's the super bright open space, which is a delightful combination of intricate woodwork (courtesy of Maderas Collective, also behind the super good-looking Motel Morris), gold-potted succulents and a massive psychedelic mural featuring toucans and pink skies and other varied tropical goodness. Safe to say you'll be seeing this place on Instagram.

Secondly, there's the colorful, well-thought-out cocktails that sort of feel like you're drinking a vacation. That goes for both the rum-centric drinks, like the Blufields Swizzle (with many rums, coconut oil, butterfly pea flower, banana liqueur and lime), and also the non-rum-centric drinks, like the Pitaya-Per-Pull-Drink (with vodka, creme de peche, dragon fruit, cardamom, lime and Cava). 

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, there's the Nicaraguan street food-inspired menu. Start with some guacamole done up Nicaraguan style, topped with hard-boiled egg served with root and fruit chips. From there: shredded shortrib with smoked coconut; beer-braised Baho-style pork with palm leaves; and black clams poached in coconut milk with a pineapple mignonette... 

Any further convincing that's necessary will be taken care of in this slideshow

Our work here is done.

Chicha Cafetín and Cocktails, now open, 198 Randolph St (between Stewart and Gardner), 718-366-2114, see the menu and the slideshow

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