The Hottest Summer Jams for the Longest Winter

Drake's New Anthem Headlines Our Playlist for Enduring the Persistent Cold

By Thompson Brandes ·
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It’s April, Spring Break has come and gone and our first official summer anthem has arrived in Drake’s women-empowering "Nice For What". It’s also 35 degrees outside in New York, which is in no way a proper temperature to celebrate the coming of warmth by way of the traditional block party, cookout, sundress day or rooftop throwdown. So we made a playlist for you—one specifically tailored to help you hunker down and overcome the remaining cold weather through sheer musical delight. These are the hottest summer jams to last you through the longest, most excruciating 2018 winter.

Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy is going to bang all summer long. Cozy up to the album’s most lovable track wherein Cardi compares herself to a Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready.

The reigning King of the Summer’s most relevant anthem to date.

The “lettuce and tomato” breakdown is delicious in any weather.  

Oh wow, looks like Tinashe made a song about the number of winter coats you’re currently wearing in mid-April.

I'll have what she's having.

Embrace the starker weather with Gucci’s ‘05 coming out party.

Close your eyes and let the smooth sounds of The Beach Boys whisk you away to places like Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahama…

It’s fun to pretend sometimes.

Give winter a hundred G's to get out the hood.

You, walking out of the house every morning.

Weed helps.

Remember those? Man, whatever happened to those guys…

A perfectly warm month.

Put a little Bobby Brown pep in your winter step.*

*I didn't intend for this to sound like a sales slogan for cocaine, but if by chance you are a cocaine dealer, it's not a bad one. 

The Ohio Players know a thing or two about staying warm.

Allow Ginuwine to cordially escort you to his favorite summer vacation home.

Every morning now.

I’ve literally never wanted to do this more.

Speakerboxx Outkast to capture the mood.

Rihanna’s 2010 summer anthem still comes through with the heat.

Sounds like a fine idea to me.

Lol, no. (Good song for December though.)

Only Travis Scott could make a song about being cold sound this fire.


A hot throwback from a tasty heated beverage.

Sounds nice right about now.


Nothing has ever personified both a summer and a breeze quite like the opening pianos in this song.

Beats the living hell out of the Winter of‘18.

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