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The Founder of Blue Moon is Making Weed-Infused Beer Now

He Won’t Be Calling It Blue Dream, Though

By Hadley Tomicki ·

Until now, we’ve seen a lot of CBD cocktails and cannabis-inspired brews hit the market. But strict laws that segregate alcohol and THC assure that even weed wine packs less THC and alcohol than our morning's first tinkle.

But now a beer industry heavyweight is essentially attempting to chart the same path for ale. Keith Villa, who created the massively popular Belgian wit-inspired ale Blue Moon, is stepping out of retirement to focus on more THC-laden beer pursuits through a new company named Ceria Beverages.

The company’s website states the goal of creating a line of non-alcoholic craft beers infused with THC. So essentially, a weed-infused beverage that tastes, but doesn't necessarily act, like beer, that gets you high like weed.

To this end, the company is partnering with Colorado cannabis research company Ebbu to take advantage of its researched, lab-engineered cannabinoid compounds that tout predictable sensory effects, like “chill,” “bliss” and “energy.”

Villa’s initial plan is to brew three types of beer—with a light, regular and full bodied ale, respectively—just as any artisan brewer would. Then they’re going to take out all the alcohol and add the cannabinoids. Lastly, someone is going to buy that, drink it and about 67 minutes later be like, “Whoa, my hand... ”

So now we’re getting a THC-beer that isn’t really, actually, a beer at all, much like the THC-wine that wasn’t really a wine. It’s hard to know whether we’re actually getting closer to seeing the dream of a two bird-killing beer-THC hybrid stone. Or just repackaging the same THC punch in drinks with new guises.

Of course, Forbes, which caught on this story early, says that mixing the two “doesn’t sound like the best idea” in the first place. 

But really, when's the last time you invited those guys to the party?

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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