José Andrés Sushi, Famous DJs and Your Date with Chun-Li

The Strip Gets Its First eSports Arena. And It’s a Biggie.

By Jason Harris ·

It’s 2018.

The nerds have won.

And you did say you were down for anything in Vegas.

Which could explain why you’re at Esports Arena Las Vegas, a rather colossal indoor sports stadium where the athletes are more like professional video game junkies, now open at Luxor.

You and your friends started early. Things are kind of a blur. All you know is now you’re on stage in front of two levels of spectators in plush leather chairs while Chun-Li stands vigil behind you. 

To your flanks are the other sedentary humans you call your team. Everyone is engaged against an opposing team in a vehicular soccer video game called Rocket League that's being projected on a 50-foot LED wall. You decide to go with it.

Or maybe you’ll leave all of that to the professionals and just watch the action while kicking back and doing more productive things with your evening. Like getting to know some cocktails and the menu José Andrés cooked up for the place. If you like things like sushi and fried chicken sandwiches.

And then you all will variously bounce through the place and check it out. DJs with names many people will recognize will be filling the place with beats. Two virtual reality experiences await you right off the casino floor. And someone will probably get overly competitive in the free arcade that contains nostalgic classics.

Just never let Super Smash Bros. ruin a friendship.

Jason Harris

Jason Harris is a writer and comedian based out of Las Vegas. He knows every good pizza spot in town and can tell you which taco truck in Chinatown to visit. When his brother got engaged, his mother called him and asked, "Are you alright?"

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