A New Dating Site Is Being Built Strictly for Kanye West Fans

"Yeezy Introduced Us."

By Thompson Brandes ·
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If there’s one thing I know to be certain in life (which is admittedly not a whole lot), it’s that nothing brings complete strangers together quite like an unabashed adoration for Kanye West. His art is as magnetic and unifying as his general persona is divisive. Take one peak into a Kanye concert or online message board forum and you’ll get a grasp of just how psychotically strong Team Yeezy is. So when news of a legitimate dating site for fans of the artist emerged, it actually didn’t seem like a terrible idea (albeit a goofy one).

The site, which aims to connect single ‘Ye fans, is called Yeezy.Dating, and obliges to romantically unite “fans of the genius Mr. Kanye West.”

It’s one of the first concepts to utilize an artist’s fanbase for romantic networking, and is sure to be 100% more efficient than getting stoned and listening to 808’s and Heartbreak in your basement. My one qualm? A prohibition of Taylor Swift fans, as strictly stated by the site. All beef aside, Blank Space is a hands down banger, and banning a petty rival out of spite doesn’t seem like a super compassionate ground rule. Alas, this is a Kanye West dating site after all.

Yeezy.Dating is slated to go live sometime this month. In the meantime, you can sign up for early access and news of its launch.

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