Octavio Cantina & Kitchen

A New Mexican Place for Lobster Guac and Mezcal in Andersonville

And Brunch Seven Days a Week

By Sarah Freeman ·
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The art of weeknight dining.

It takes some practice.

Or at least that's what you'll tell yourself after your third trip to Andersonville's newest all-day cantina, Octavio. It opens tomorrow, but take a look around in the meantime.

You're probably thinking, "But I already have a Mexican restaurant." And you'd be right. But does your Mexican restaurant have a mixed materials mural of Mexico affixed to one of its white brick walls? Does your Mexican restaurant have a skylight over marble high-tops and a bar full of mezcal? This one does.

It's also doing brunch seven days a week, starting with avocado tostadas during the day and wood-grilled pork served with housemade tortillas at night. Both are improved by the presence of lobster guacamole, also known as the perfect start to just about any meal, occasion or random Tuesday.

This random Tuesday calls for a round of frozen margaritas spiced with coconut creme liqueur. Or maybe you'd rather see what they can do with all that mezcal. Try mixing it with Lapsang Souchong tea and barrel-aged orange bitters and calling it El Humo. Or sip it straight. The bar boasts 50 different bottles, in addition to an extensive tequila and sotol selection.

Which should make for a pretty interesting Wednesday morning.

Sarah Freeman

Sarah Freeman is often accused of hiding secrets in her hair. She can make any cocktail, as long as that cocktail is a rye Old Fashioned, and has never met a saison she didn’t like.


Octavio Cantina & Kitchen
5310 N Clark St
(between W Summerdale Ave and W Berwyn Ave)
Chicago, IL, 60640


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