Five International Netflix Series to Stream Right Now

From a French Supernatural Drama to a Geopolitical Norwegian Thriller

By Lea Weatherby ·
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Beyond confirming suspicions that your ex does remember your Netflix password and is regularly using your account, last year’s 117.6 million streams were from more non-members than members, warranting the addition of more international content for 700 million global viewers in 2018 (and maybe a password change).

For a cool $8 billion, Netflix’s deep pockets will be producing 700 new original TV shows and movies in 2018, 80 of which are international. Because it's safe to assume you're caught up on all the new domestic series already (ha), here are five existing international shows you can stream, and subsequently remove from your queue, right now.

The Returned
Pedigree: Based on a 2004 French film, They Came Back (Les Revenants) the supernatural drama series was adapted for TV by director, Fabrice Gobert known for 2010’s Lights Out and K.O.
Synopsis: In a small French town where the recently dead seem to reappear alive and well, the newly living attempt to resume their normal lives amidst escalating and inexplicable phenomena.
For Fans of: The Leftovers and The Walking Dead.

Pedigree: The big budget TV series was directed by Norwegian writer and director Erik Skjoldbjærg, who is best known for well-received films like Insomnia and Prozac Nation.
Synopsis: The geopolitical thriller depicts a fictional, future Russia and its invasion of Norway with help from the European Union, to resume oil and gas production. Needless to say, things get pretty out of control.
For Fans ofHouse of Cards and Homeland.

Money Heist
Pedigree: Originally created as a limited series by Álex Pina, who's responsible for creating several long-running Spanish TV shows.
Synopsis: The Spanish language crime thriller follows the hot-headed Tokio (Úrsula Corberó), who gets involved with a group of skilled criminals for a multi-million euro heist of Spain's Royal Mint. Madness ensues. But, like, entertaining madness.
For Fans of: V for Vendetta, Reservoir Dogs, and Oceans 1112, 13, 45 and so on.

Babylon Berlin
Pedigree: Director Tom Tykwer, best known for Run Lola Run, adapted Babylon Berlin from crime novels written by the German author, Volker Kutscher.
Synopsis: Set in 1929, a police officer is transferred to Berlin during the interwar years to investigate an intricate blackmail scheme in the city’s criminal underbelly, which ends up revealing a drug-laden, underground porn ring. Naturally. 
For Fans Of: Inglorious Basterds and Cabaret.

Pedigree: You may not have heard of the two celebrated French auteurs, Marc Herpoux and Hervé Hadmar, behind this critically-acclaimed show. But its European debut garnered more than six million viewers. And numbers don't lie.
Synopsis: This six-episode, supernatural crime mystery follows Detective Sandra Winckler as she investigates a number of murders that occurred in a small town off the coast of northern France, where a retired law enforcement member is implicated in the crimes.
For Fans of: Broadchurch and The Killing.

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