Watch Will Smith Ruthlessly Parody Jaden Smith's Video for "Icon"

An Exemplary Feat of Dad-ing

By Lea Weatherby ·
Photo: YouTube

Any parent can tell you that celebrating the monumental success of your teenage son is a delicate matter, requiring careful execution as to not humiliate all parties involved. Unless, of course, that parent happens to be Will Smith, who blows that tired narrative out of the water with a parody of his son Jaden Smith’s video for “Icon.”

Smith recreated the “Icon” video and posted it to his Instagram account in spectacular fashion, literally, appearing in a familiar looking denim jacket, bulky chains and a gold grill. However, the beauty of this parody was all in the details -  the socks, the sandals and the intentionally questionable dance moves all amounting to a bottomless well of paternal wonder.

Since Jaden Smith released his debut album, SYRE, in November of 2017, the album has amassed 100 million Spotify streams, with proud parent Will Smith likely accounting for at least half of them. In keeping with this show of  support, Smith closes out the parody with some sincere and well deserved praise for Jaden, “Congratulations, man! 100 million, I love you!”

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