Watch Ryan Reynolds Play With Action Figures in the New Deadpool 2 Trailer

The Clip Also Introduces Josh Brolin's Supervillain, Cable

20th Century Fox

“Pew pew pew pew,” everyone. The latest trailer for Deadpool 2 has arrived and is the first of such to give us a first, clear glimpse at Josh Brolin’s half-man, half-robot villain, Cable. He makes an entrance right away, but not before another round of meta, Deadpool-y marketing takes over as the movie’s producers jump in to fix Cable’s openly green screened arm—just enough time for our brash, mutated hero to play with some kickass action figures.

Aside from Reynolds nailing a pretty decent Josh Brolin impression, the overall trailer gives a promising look at the upcoming sequel. Deadpool punches and kicks a bunch of stuff, Cable blows a ton of shit up, and our beloved Blind Al points a pistol in the completely wrong direct. It all looks outstanding.

The Untitled Deadpool Sequel, as 20th Century Fox is currently calling it, hits theaters on May 18th.

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