Why Is Paris Hilton Dressed Exactly Like Kim Kardashian?

Is Kanye Behind This?

By Kady Ruth Ashcraft ·

Eventually, as in the case with all mentorships, the mentor must take the back seat and allow their mentee to fly on their own. Or as Tracy from 30 Rock says, “the manatee has become the mento.” Exactly. Well, such seems the case with Paris Hilton and her now very famous former closet organizer, Kim Kardashian. For Kim’s husband Kanye’s Yeezy 6 campaign, he’s hired the hotel heiress to model the latest designs. The catch is she’s made up to look almost identical to Kim.

Thought Paris is 5” taller than Kim, she does look remarkably like her in the photos Kim posted to her Instagram. Without her signature SoCal valley girl look, Paris can honestly pass for any old Insta-thot. I’m sure i’m headed straight to hell in a Hummer limo for saying that, but it’s true. I had to stare at the pics for a full five seconds before understanding this wasn’t some social media maven just ripping off Kim’s look. I mean, that’s what it was but I won’t downgrade Paris to “some social media maven.”

Further investigation shows that the Yeezy 6 campaign is using multiple Kim-Klones to promote the look, including designers Shannon and Shannade Clermont (twins) and Sami Miro. All women are donning the same platinum blonde/silver weave and neutral tan and grey athleisure wear. I’m not one to ever pretend to understand Kanye’s vision but if I had to guess he’s working to create an army of Kim’s to take down Taylor Swift. That feels like a safe guess, right?

Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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