The Best Celebrity Google Arts and Culture App Matches

Pairings So Good, It's Almost As If We Made Them Ourselves


The Google Arts and Culture app is...everywhere right now thanks to its selfie-to-priceless-art-work tool. You’ve probably seen the algorithmic side-by-side comparisons by way of Facebook friends or celebs on Twitter—some terrible, yet some tremendously accurate. Naturally, we dug up our favorite matches that were too uncanny to let fall through the cracks and crevices of social media. (Or something like that.)

Vince Vaughn

A sexual and violent match.

Ben Stiller

It's a metaphor. (But that actually happened though.)

Scarlett Johansson

Barely a match.

Michael Richards

Almost too easy—not impressed.

Willem Dafoe

"Google, for three... bang!"

Bill Murray

An underrated, unappreciated work of modern art.

Billy Blatts

"One dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way..."

McKayla Maroney

Google Gold.

Bojack Horseman


The Ghostbusters

11% of Google has never seen Ghostbusters

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