Black Panther Is Destroying Advance Ticket Sales Records

It Just Surpassed Captain America: Civil War

By Kady Ruth Ashcraft ·

The time to get hyped about the upcoming Black Panther movie is now. Actually, now might even be too late. Though the film doesn’t come out in theaters until February 16th, tickets went on pre-sale this week and are being sold in record numbers. Deadline reported that Black Panther is now the top selling movie for advance sales within 24 hours in the Marvel cinematic universe. Tickets went on sale two days ago. 

If for some reason you need more convincing that this movie is going to be fun as hell, here’s the trailer.

Pre-sale tickets don’t necessarily indicate box office success, but it seems like I can’t go anywhere without this movie being built up (which is great, by the way.) Twitter has been abuzz since the trailer dropped last year. 

These sales are very telling of the need for more diverse representation in movies, including ones about superheroes. Clearly audiences are craving more black people on screen and are more than willing to throw down money to see that. Get Out, while made on a low budget of $4.5 million, was the most profitable film of 2017. It amassed over $250 million in sales worldwide, which was a 630% return on investment. Girls Trip broke records over the summer, too, becoming the first all-black led movie to surpass $100 million in the box office. Those numbers don’t lie. 

Buy your pre-sale tickets, here, while you still can. 

Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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