Brooklyn Bread Lab Is Ready to Teach You Some Valuable Life Skills

They'll Begin With the Puff Pastry

By Ilana Dadras ·

Recall way back last week, when we brought word of Harvey—that colorful new bistro inside the Williamsburg Hotel. Well, the team is also operating a nearby experimental kitchen called Brooklyn Bread Lab: a Bushwick warehouse space focused on crafting artisan breads, pastries, pizza and pasta from scratch. At the helm of it all are Assane Diop, a Maison Kayser-alum, and Harvey's executive chef Kevin Chun... two men you should trust to teach you a little something about carbohydrates.

They're doing three classes centered on bread, puff pastries and pâte à choux, and the first is taking place this coming Tuesday. Go forth and learn about using freshly milled flour to bake croissants, danishes and other things that'll come in handy one day when gracing somebody you like with the ultimate brunch.

Jan 16, 7pm—9pm, $95, Brooklyn Bread Lab, 201 Moore St (between Bushwick Ave and White St), tickets here

Photo by Pedro Oranges

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