An Attractive All-Day Bistro Inside the Williamsburg Hotel

Harvey Is Here, at Long Last

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Harvey is open!

But for real, this time. 

After a year-plus of delays, changes in the chef and other things that could go wrong going wrong, a colossal, colorful new bistro is finally open inside the Williamsburg Hotel: a long-awaited opening worthy of a single exclamation point.

You'll find it's a nice-looking spot—one with low-hanging globe lights, spiraling marble floors and a rainbow fixture hanging above a gilded art deco bar up front. Let's picture you there, waiting for an attractive someone else, maybe a pomegranate Moscow Mule in hand. They've also got a mezcal Negroni, if that's more your thing—or, if you're willing to order something called Wild Thoughts, you can see what jalapeño infused tequila-honey-elderflower liqueur tastes like. 

Sorry that that's now stuck in your head. 

Once that someone else arrives, guide them knowingly through the brick archway into the back dining room. There's a red leather banquette encircling the entire space, so maybe claim some real estate on that before ordering excessive amounts of food. (The chef spent time in the kitchens of Soho House and Macao Trading Co., so you can trust him just fine.) 

First, maybe some polenta-black truffle croquettes and burrata with apple blossoms and raw wildflower honey. Next, some octopus with purple sweet potato mochi and charred scallion. Furthermore, a dry-aged strip or pizza topped with harissa, cauliflower, spicy avocado and roasted tomatoes. The menu likes its vegetables and will be one of those seasonal, ever-changing deals. 

Photos of it all can be found here, and if you'd like to scan a menu or three, dinner, brunch and cocktail offerings can be found right through here.

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