An Update On Paris Hilton

Last Week I Feared She Had Changed, I Was Wrong.

By Kady Ruth Ashcraft ·
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Last week I wrote a farewell to the time in my life when Paris Hilton ruled my life. The announcement of her marriage to a true rando (despite his recent role on a critically acclaimed HBO show, I have no idea who he is) signaled an end to her unachievable aloofness. Her admission that she would love and cherish another person felt so tragically human. It softened the electric hot pink glow I had mentally placed around her. Sad! This softening also released me from my obsession with her and allowed me to move onto be obsessed with other celebrities I’ll never be best friends with.

But, news came out this weekend that was so damning, I feel comfortable saying Paris Hilton will never change her true colors (again, shades of pink.) While at the airport with fiance Chris Zylka, Paris abandoned him by zooming away and leaving him alone and helpless. He had been packing the back of the car and she sped off without him in it. You can watch the whole video of it here.

Now, Paris wasn’t the one driving and she released a statement the next day clarifying what happened.

Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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