The Effortlessly Cool New Atlanta Trailer Happened Last Night, Too

The Second Season of Donald Glover's FX Series Is Almost Here

By Sam Eichner ·
Photo: Matthias Clamer / FX via TV Series Finale

Plenty of newsworthy events transpired at last night's Golden Globes. Oprah Winfrey unofficially launched her bid for president, with a stirring acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Natalie Portman, in a moment of unadulterated badass-ery, adlibbed a pointed critique of the industry's preference for white male directors. James Franco speech-blocked Tommy Wiseau. Timothée Chalamet was...simply present and available for viewers to look at every so often.

But for all the sharp-tongued jokes and #timesup fervor, the so-called "Drunk Oscars" suffered from a noticeable lack of cool. (This was an awards telecast, after all, that abruptly ended with Sam Rockwell thanking his agent.) 

Fortunately, one commercial break featured the trailer for season 2 of Donald Glover's groundbreaking FX show, Atlanta, and, in typical Glover fashion, it was cool as fuck. The teaser hauntingly roves around a diorama-like world of strip clubs and diners and front driveways, with a familiar cast of characters, to the tune of Sonder's "Too Fast." The second season premieres on March 1st. Check out the trailer here.

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