Gut Reactions to Justin Timberlake's New Filthy Music Video

Our Thoughts On the Pop Star's First Album Single In Over Four Years


Justin Timberlake dropped the first single off his forthcoming Man of the Woods album last night by way of a futurist new music video directed by the fabled Mark Romanek. Filthy, co-produced by longtime pals Timbaland and Danja, boasts a bed of synths as robotic as the video’s main attraction. It's also just the first from a string of four releases leading up to his February 4th Super Bowl halftime performance. Naturally, we had some very important thoughts on the matter:

Sam Eichner

This seems like the exact opposite of what a man of the woods would do, but I guess Bon Iver got tired of lo-fi wintry folk songs, too (see: his made up computer language in whatever the fuck that last album was called). Few additional thoughts:

-I like this song.

-"Put your filthy hands all over me" is a great pop lyric.

-The Shape of Water would've been a much better movie if Sally Hawkins fucked Justin Timberlake's sexy robot instead of a sea creature.

Thompson Brandes

Justin Timberlake went home—deep into the backwoods of Tennessee. He drank bourbon and rolled his own smoke. He wrapped himself in a sherpa blanket by a warm fire he made himself. He traversed the rivers and the mountains, arms spread high and wide. After six weeks, he emerged with a familiar friend—Timbaland—to call out to his wife and child, awaiting him longingly.

"We thought of an idea!"

OK, I also happen to enjoy the song. And if we're buying this innovative, handwritten track list, it looks like he will also have a song with Alicia Keys, a song with Chris Stapleton, a song about shirts, and a song about harvesting his crops. 

Geoff Rynex

-I dig the song. 

-I like the juxtaposition of the overt sexuality of the song and JT’s sensible, middle-aged, Jobsian look as he marionettes the robot off-stage. 

-“Whatchu gonna do with all that meat? Cook it up and serve it?” - if this is innuendo, he should have gone back to the drawing board on that lyric. 

-It looks like breakdancers are going the way of the coal miner and the American rust belt voter. Make America funky again. 

-I’d love to have lunch with the delighted older asian man in the crowd. 

-Excellent use of LED

-I can no longer hear the word “haters” without thinking of Donal Trump. Thanks, asshole. 

Najib Benouar

Justin's mind-blowing vision for the future is that by 2028, we're just going to have a break-dancing robot that looks like Justin Timberlake and lights up? Dream bigger, JT. 

Hadley Tomicki

In the future, contrived corporate pop will be written by robots.

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