World's Most Expensive Vodka Stolen From Restaurant


By Kady Ruth Ashcraft ·

Ever had a wild night at the bar, woke up the next day only to look at your bank account and see exactly just how much you threw down? We’ve all been there. But the good news is that you’re no longer at risk for blackout-ordering the world’s most expensive vodka because it's missing. A bottle of vodka worth $1.3 million was taken from a restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, reported Bloomberg News. 

Police said they aren’t sure yet if the thief broke in or entered with a key. Now usually I’m all about hating on our surveillance state but, like, homies, come on. If you’re going to have the world’s most expensive booze, that’s filled with 6.6lbs of gold and 6.6lbs of silver, put a damn nanny cam on that shit. I almost don’t feel bad for the restaurant it was stolen from.

Except I sort of do because they were just borrowing the vodka from a rich businessman and have to now explain what happened to it. The owner of the restaurant said that the bottle wasn't even insured, which raises the question, "should I be insuring my Titos?" Of course, they could just pull a classic move and fill up another vodka bottle with water. Worked for me all the time in high school.

Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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