The Internet Is In A Frenzy Over Roy Moore's Horse, Sassy

Don't Mess With #HorseTwitter

By Kady Ruth Ashcraft ·
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Yesterday's Alabama Senate race provided us with a clear winner (Doug Jones) and a couple of clear losers (Roy Moore, the GOP, the many white people totally chill with a man banned from malls for picking up underaged girls.) But there was one person, well creature, that was unfairly caught in the middle of the political clash: Roy Moore's horse, Sassy. 

We, as a nation, met Sassy mere hours after we were rocked from Moore's wife smugly declaring they had a "Jew attorney" but failed to mention their equine friend. Moore triumphantly rode Sassy into the polls to vote and the internet, already piping hot, burst into flames.

What's wonderful about such specifically odd moments like "a pedo Senate candidate arriving on horseback" is that very niche corners of the internet are givien their 15 minutes of stage time. Yesterday, horse-twitter had its day. Not only couldn't they endorse him as a candidate, they were outraged by his horseback-riding etiquette.

The ridiculing didn't just stop when Roy showed up on Sassy. When it was announced he lost, more Sassy memes came out in droves. 

Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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