There's a Stunning New Member to the Boka Family

With Caviar-Covered Oyster Pie and Peacock-Filled Birdcages

By Sarah Freeman ·
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Meet Jimmy Papadopoulos.

No relation.

This Papadopoulos is about to be the name on everyone's lips for doing things like covering oyster pie with caviar and throwing a gorgonzola-filled cannoli in your salad. Welcome to Bellemore, now open in the West Loop. Take a look around.

The latest beauty from Boka Group welcomes with a tasteful nude feeding an owl on her shoulder. It’s a painting, obviously. And lest you were concerned, the bird thing continues with the stuffed variety in birdcages over the marble bar and chef's table.

It's there where you'll want to sit to enjoy views of the kitchen and dusty rose-accented dining room while feasting on chestnut agnolotti and dry-aged duck. And then there's dessert, in the shape of chocolate pave with burnt persimmon marmalade and black sesame meringue.

It's an elegant affair, in case you hadn't deduced by the velvet that you're sitting on. So get some Gewürztraminer to go with it. Or maybe something that's less of a mouthful. The Cruel Intent, an intriguing combination of mezcal, vermouth, grilled plum and Himilayan pink sea salt, will do.

Yes, it'll do just fine.

Sarah Freeman

Sarah Freeman is often accused of hiding secrets in her hair. She can make any cocktail, as long as that cocktail is a rye Old Fashioned, and has never met a saison she didn’t like.

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