George Clooney Is Returning to Television

Who's Next?

By Sam Eichner ·
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Adding fuel to the fire currently burning a hole through the cultural relevance of American movies, George Clooney—actor; director; overall very well-liked person—is returning to his first regular television role since his star-making turn in E.R, Variety reports.

The project is none other than a six-episode adaptation of Catch 22, the classic 1961 Joseph Heller novel (and 1970 film) about a bombardier who can’t fly because putting oneself in harm’s way is, due to a bureaucratic rule, considered evidence of insanity, thus disqualifying him from being able to fly in the first place (hence the name, and its continued usage in American vernacular). Clooney will also direct the limited series. It’s “being eyed” for an early 2018 shoot.

Clooney is, of course, just the latest big name in a series of big names to make the transition from film to, or at least back to, television. I can’t say I blame him. Givin where the business is heading, and what audiences are watching, helming a six-episode TV series, where you can probably do whatever the hell you want, can seem much more appealing than doing a feature. Which begs the question: who’s next?

Matt Damon? Ryan Gosling? Leonardo DiCaprio? The great Meryl Streep?

If Streep leaves, the movies might as well pack themselves up and go home.

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