Titanic Is Being Rereleased In Theaters And I'll Finally Learn How It Ends

See That Hot Car Sex Scene In Dolby Cinema!

By Kady Ruth Ashcraft ·
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If you had asked me a week ago if I would want to relive anything from 1997, I likely would have said no. I was a small child and still occasionally peed the bed. This week, however, news has come out that in celebration of its 20th Anniversary, Titanic is being re-released in select theaters across the country. Also, for the record, I no longer pee the bed hardly at all. As a small child, I was unable to ever see the R-rated three hour and fifteen minute film in theaters, and distinctly remember my parents leaving me with a babysitter so they could go watch it. So this anniversary special event will be allow me to finally achieve a dream I’ve held for twenty years and go see 90s hottie Leo DiCaprio kiss on the big screen.

The film will be re-released in 87 theaters equipped with Dolby Cinema on December 1st. What is Dolby Cinema you ask? It’s a visual and auditory cinematic experience that will make it feel like you’re really drowning along with Jack and Rose. I’m kidding. But Director James Cameron is stoked as hell for us all to see the movie in Dolby Cinema. As a general rule, if James Cameron is stoked, we should all be stoked as well.

While we’re all gathered here, I feel like I should also admit that I went an embarrassingly long time without ever watching the second half of the two-VHS-long movie. For years, it was because I was too scared to witness the shipwreck. Once those fears subsided (I also realized I never go on boats so why would I be scared of one sinking?), I found myself never finishing the film because I would fall asleep before it was over. This isn’t a testament to the quality of the movie, but more my inability to stay awake in dimly lit rooms. But for a long time, for me, Titanic ended with Jack getting arrested, which makes much less of an historical impact, but was entertaining nevertheless.

Starting today (November 15th) you can buy tickets for the anniversary screenings beginning December 1st. Check here to see if it’s playing in a theater near you. Hopefully Jack finally gets out of boat-jail. (No spoilers, please!)

Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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