Straight Out of Tokyo, Here's Tonchin

A Handsome Establishment for Tonkotsu-Style Ramen and Smoked Matcha Drinks

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Nicole Franzen

November 6th and it's safe to say we're approaching peak ramen season.

It's one of the great unofficial seasons.

To that end, here's Tonchin, a sleek-looking Japanese date spot from Tokyo ramen royalty, opening next week in Midtown, not far from other recent choice Japanese openings (one for sashimi salmon roses, one an Izakaya-inspired spot from a wd~50 alum). But we digress. 

The family behind this spot opened their first ramen-focused restaurant in Tokyo back in '92, and now runs 16 locations across Japan, Taiwan and Shanghai. Which is all to say, they have had ample time to perfect their broth.

So you can plan on stopping by next week—check back here first, and we'll update with the earliest you might drop by solo post-work for some dumplings and sake, or with a date who shares your affinity for Tonkotsu-style ramen and shochu martinis. 

Here, you'll be faced with a few crucial options: should you sit at the leather color-blocked banquette at a wooden two-top, or claim a couple red stools at the tiled bar? Should you try the matcha cocktail, which will just have emerged from a literal glass dome of smoke, or go with a classic Yuzu Fizz? Should you order the 'Uoton' smoked dashi ramen with clams, or stick with the signature ramen with Berkshire pork? A blessing you've got a few days to think on this, really. 

It's that point in the article where we point you towards some photos and send you on your way

See you back here in a couple days. Until then...

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