OddFellows and Sweet Chick Joined Forces on a Sundae

And It Involves Both Buttermilk Apple Ice Cream and Salted Chicken Skin Crispies

By Ilana Dadras ·

Hopefully you've gotten a chance to taste OddFellows' collaboration with Mimi Cheng's, because tomorrow they're swapping mochi and green tea for bourbon and apple pie. 

As of November 1st, OddFellows continues their "Passport Program" series with a waffle ice cream sundae made in collaboration with the comfort food aficionados over at Sweet Chick. The main event involves Sweet Chick waffles topped with buttermilk apple ice cream, salted chicken crispies, brown butterscotch sauce and powdered sugar—and other flavors on the menu this coming month will include whiskey peach pecan bourbon, cherry cheesecake and pumpkin s'mores.

Nov 1-Nov 30, $9, both locations of OddFellows Ice Cream Co., 175 Kent Ave (at N 3rd), 347-599-0556 & 75 E 4th St (between Bowery and 2nd), 917-475-1812; Sweet Chick, 164 Bedford Ave (at N 8th), Brooklyn, 646-657-0233

Ilana Dadras

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