OddFellows x Mimi Cheng's Ice Cream Dumplings, Anyone?

These Flavors Are Next-Level

By Ilana Dadras ·

OddFellows Ice Cream Co. is back this month with their Passport Program, which highlights different flavors from regions around the globe. The program kicks off this Sunday with a Mimi Cheng's collaboration, bringing you a rotating selection of Southeast Asia-inspired ice cream and ice cream dumplings.

From malt maitake peanut, jackfruit sorbet or pineapple cake flavored scoops, to persimmon or Thai iced tea flavored ice cream encased in mochi, garnished with matcha powder and sesame seeds, then served with salted coconut dipping sauce, the flavors here are all worth a try. 

Starting Oct 1, OddFellows, both locations

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