Gal Gadot Eats Kyle Mooney's Last French Fry in SNL's Unaired Rap Parody

This Is a Damn Near Perfect Digital Short

By Sam Eichner ·
Photo: NBC via Getty Images

Some good news today, courtesy of Stereogum: NBC has released a digital short cut from last week's episode of SNL, hosted by Gal Gadot, and it's damn near perfect.

Though you can also imagine why it was cut. In typical Kyle Mooney/Beck Bennett style, the short is a totally irreverent send up of a '90s rap video about a beautiful girl (played by very beautiful girl, Gal Gadot) who eats their last French fry in the midst of a modern-day nuclear attack. This is pretty niche stuff—even more niche, maybe, than Ryan Gosling's "Papyrus" short, where he plays a man obsessed with the quotidian font of the movie Avatar

But perhaps it's better this way. As long as SNL continues to give Mooney and Bennett (formerly of Good Neighbor) the means to make weird shit, I could care less how it's distributed.

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