Donald Trump Deemed Angelina Jolie "a Seven"

It's One of Many Ludicrous Statements from Newly Leaked Interviews Between the President and Howard Stern

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It's common knowledge that President Donald Trump frequently called in to chat with notorious radio personality, Howard Stern. But what exactly those conversations entailed was not known to a majority of the public. Until now. 

According to Elle and other outlets, 15 hours of interviews between the president and Stern were leaked earlier this week. You can listen to them on FactBase, although The Washington Post has done us all the great service of transcribing them here. In case you were wondering, during the presidential race, Stern refused to re-air his interviews with the then-candidate, claiming "Trump did the show...in an effort to have fun with us." 

A few choice comments from the tapes are below, as abridged from the Elle article.

-"When conversation moves on to Trump's obsession with cleanliness, Stern asks him whether he has the women he dates get tested for STDs. 'I own 25 percent of Goodyear Tire and Rubber,' Trump, who is now President of the United States responds, an apparent reference to the number of condoms he goes through."

-According to tapes transcribed by the Washington Post, Sterns demands to know whether it's true that Trump has "banged some of the greatest beauties on the planet. 'True,' Trump answers. 'Some of the greats.'" 

-Trump calls Elin Nordegren a "solid nine," but gives Angelina Jolie a "seven." Jolie, one thinks, must be crushed.

-Trump think Ivanka is "much better-looking" than Charlize Theron. Which is kind of a weird thing to say re: your daughter.

-And, last but not least..."He tells Stern that Anne Hathaway once lived in Trump Tower: 'I like all people that live in my building. Anybody that lives in my building, even if they’re really unattractive, I consider them to be beautiful,' and while he 'wasn’t a fan,' Hathaway has since 'grown on' him."

Wow. What a win for Anne Hathaway! 

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