What Work of Universally Beloved Pop-Culture Have You Never Consumed?

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We've all been there.

You're having a conversation at a party or over dinner and someone brings up that movie, or TV show, or book (but much less likely, book) that you know you should've watched or read but haven't. They ask you what you think and you tell them, regrettably, that you can't. Disapproving looks abound; your face reddens with shame. Damn, you think. Not watching Seinfeld really wasn't worth all this.

In a concerted effort to normalize this feeling, we're here today to answer the following question: what's a piece of canonical, universally beloved pop culture that you have never partaken in?

[Ed. Note: Yesterday, we surveyed our editors on what universally beloved pieces of pop culture they just didn't understand the appeal of. Make sure to check that out, too.]

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Thompson BrandesRisky Business seems to be that classic 80's flick that arouses the most guffaws when I say that I have never seen it. And frankly, I have yet to hear a valid case be made that I absolutely have to. All I know is that it's most pinnacle, recognizable scene is Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear to Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll" after his parents leave town. And as someone who's experienced their parents leave town several times in high school, I can tell you that this is perhaps the dumbest, least risky thing you could do in that situation. I will stick to Tom Cruise in Cocktail and be on my way, thank you.


Sam Eichner: I've still only ever seen five episodes of The Wire. I think I was streaming it steadily for a week or two, enjoying it but not quite getting what the fuss was all just yet, when I was distracted by something newer, glossier, more immediately entertaining. This seems at once a microcosm of the human condition circa 2017 and a criminal offense in some television-watching counties. How many more bewildered "wait, you haven't seen The Wire?" must I endure? I should probably watch this thing eventually. Then again...what's on MTV this week?


Geoff Rynex: The Sopranos. I have no good answer for why I haven’t watched it, and I’ve been “planning” to watch it for at least ten years now. It’s not a point of pride or anything, and God knows I’ve watched and re-watched many lesser series in the interim. I’ll start this weekend, I swear.

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Hadley Tomicki: I finally saw Titanic and Top Gun for the first time in 2016, ending the gasps of surprise people give you when you admit this. Having a harder time thinking of something else, but I drove by a car named Equus the other day and it reminded me that though I frequently will make Equus jokes and references, as I know the basic plot and themes, I have never actually seen or read Equus in my life.

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Ilana Dadras: I’ll just come out and say it: I’ve never seen Point Break. *Winces* I’ll also take this opportunity to apologize for lying earlier in my employment at UrbanDaddy, when we were asked if we had seen Point Break, and I did not out myself at that point in time. The thing is, I am not sure why I have never taken the time to see it. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good young Keanu film. I’m undoubtedly attracted to Patrick Swayze and his epic ‘80s mane. I would be interested in watching both actors navigate a life of thievery, surfing and romance. Wait…why haven't I seen Point Break yet?

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