A List of Larry David's Indiscretions from Just 90 Seconds of Curb Your Enthusiasm

A New Trailer for Season Nine Shows That Not Much Has Changed. Yay.

By Sam Eichner ·
Photo: HBO

A new trailer for the ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm dropped yesterday, and it offers a revealing, hilarious glimpse into what promises to be another few hours or so of Larry David not abiding by societal norms and pissing a bunch of people off in the process.

The new season premieres on October 1st. In the meantime, here's an informal list of Larry's indiscretions from just 90 seconds of Curb.

-Larry "yoo-hoos" a judge.

-Larry tells a woman crying at a funeral to shut up.

-Larry chides his assistant, played by Carrie Brownstein, for skipping work due to constipation.

-Larry assaults a cologne sampler.

-Larry tells his supposed therapist, Bryan Cranston, that he can get rid of him whenever he wants.

-Larry tells happy people to go be happy somewhere else. 

That one's classic. Check out the trailer below.

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