HBO Releases a New Behind the Scenes Series for Game of Thrones

Get the Inside Scoop On How HBO Continues to Blow Our Minds

By Thompson Brandes ·

For the truest Game of Thrones fans, last night’s bone-rattling finale (incestuous sex pun intended) brought back the all-too-familiar bittersweetness that comes with a season’s end. Sure, that was totally freaking awesome, but what do we watch now? What did we do seven weeks ago before this all got revved back up? Does anyone remember?

It seems that for the time being, HBO has answered the call with a seven-episode behind the scenes series titled The Game Revealed. Fans will now be able to get an inside look at season seven through interviews, shots and insight from the show’s main cast and crew. Want to see a bunch of dudes in zombie makeup marching towards a green screen? Any interest in hearing about Masie Williams’ Ed Sheeran crush? Did you know it took three and a half days to shoot that 2-minute poop montage at the citadel?! This is the sort of intricate trivia that HBO is sure to provide.

You can catch each episode on HBO Go, Now and On Demand, but for now, feel free to check out the first episode below:

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