The Best New Chance the Rapper Song Is Not a Chance the Rapper Song

Have You Heard of Jamila Woods Yet?

By Sam Eichner ·
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I saw Jamila Woods perform by accident last month, during this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival. She’d subbed in on the main stage for The Avalanches, who had cancelled on short notice, and rather than make my way out of the crowd my friends and I decided to stay and give her a shot. Suffice it to say, it ended up being one of my favorite performances of the weekend. She was humble, beautiful, genuinely happy to be there, and just the right amount of nervous. She shined. And her lovely soul/R&B dittieswhich Pitchfork aptly describes as "protest music that sounds like a children's playground"killed, particularly for a crowd full of people who’d never heard her name before.

Prior to her debut album, HEAVN, which dropped last week, Woods was most well-known for featuring on Chance the Rapper’s hit, “Blessings” (she’s the female voice you dig so much). Now, Chance the Rapper, a fellow Chicagoan, has returned the favor, rapping on Woods’s track, “LSD”a reference to Lake Shore Drive, in Chicago, not the psychedelic drug.

The song is an unabashed ode to the city, and so is the video, which features Jamila Woods chilling in a kiddie pool and Chance manning a lit backyard BBQ. Watch it below, and listen to her new album in full on Spotify.

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