Thin-Crust Pizza and Champagne at Danny Meyer's Latest

Artichoke's Got Some Stiff Late-Night Competition

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March
Look, we'll always have a soft spot for Artichoke. Literally. It's responsible for at least two inches of pinchable fat on my person. And sometimes that late-night hunger can only be quelled by a three-pound slice of pie essentially filled with three inches of artichoke dip clocking in at 3,000 calories. (Disclaimer, we really have no idea how many calories are in it. We could be low-balling it.)

But when said hunger might be quelled by a crispy, thin-crust white pie topped with kale and black olives... read: in a slightly less painfully indulgent fashion...

We can now head to Martina: Danny Meyer's latest, which comes in the form of a casual East Village pizzeria. It's soft-open tomorrow and fully open Saturday, bless his soul.

The chef here is Nick Anderer, who also happens to be in the kitchens of Marta (understand the name now?) and Maialino. He's responsible for the simple Roman-inspired menu of fried tomato-risotto-mozzarella balls, marinated zucchini slices in chili oil with mint, and an extensive selection of thin-crust personal pies. From white pizza with mushrooms, red onion and fontina, to a four-cheese pie topped with a mountain of arugula, to salame or pork sausage-topped situations, you've got options.

And should you find yourself here late-night, know you can continue imbibing with Cappelletti Spritzes and champagne by the half or full bottle.

Here's a look at where you'll do that.
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