Indonesian Rap Prodigy Rich Chigga Has a Hot New Track

We'd Call It the Song of Summer, but Summer's Almost Over

By Sam Eichner ·
Photo: YouTube/Garcia Andy

Everyone’s favorite Indonesian rap prodigy, the inevitably named Rich Chigga, dropped a music video for his new song “Glow Like Dat” yesterday, and announced an upcoming US tour called “Come to My Party.”

The 17-year-old taught himself English from listening to the likes of Childish Gambino, 2 Chainz and Tyler, the Creator. His viral debut, last year’s “Dat $tick,” comes off as a Weird Al-style rap parody that, due to his obvious talent, eventually transcends itself to become a legitimate piece of art. The murky space between irony and sincerity is difficult to navigate for any artist these days, but is strangely matter-of-fact for the modern rapper. Tyler, the Creator, almost exclusively operates with a base level of facetiousness and ambiguity, obfuscating his true self with jokey asides and trolling remarks; and, of course, there are, as Doreen St. Félix calls them, the autofictions of Kendrick Lamar—in particular his, “curious id called Kung Fu Kenny.”

The extra layer to Rich Chigga is the discord between his baritone voice and his pubescent personage, his appropriation of traditionally black argot and his self-conscious Asian-ness. We are not trained, culturally, to expect our rappers to come in such packages; Rich Chigga is obviously aware of this expectation, and plays on it. In doing so, though, there is an inherent, immediate irony to his music videos that we have to swim past before accepting it at face value. (This evolution, which roughly follows a trajectory from "wtf" to "this is dope," was hilariously captured in “Rappers react to Rich Chigga.”)

You can check out the video below (warning: shit’s catchy), and find some of Rich Chigga’s merch on Pizzaslime. Unfortunately, all of the mouse pads are currently sold out.

Which really kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

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