Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar

Caviar Platters and Beet Vodka on Tap in Humboldt Park

At Chicago's First Caviar Bar, of Course

By Sarah Freeman ·
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It's called Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar, and when it opens this Friday in Humboldt Park, it will hold the title of Chicago's first caviar bar.

Take a look around.

Then, think about the impact it will have on any and all future dates you may consider going on.

Then... well, we wrote some more words about it so maybe just read those and take it from there.

It's advised that you celebrate their caviar-based accomplishment by picking up a mother of pearl spoon and digging into 15 different types, from wild Alaskan trout roe to imported Kristal. Plus some oyster and quail egg shooters, because again, we're celebrating here.

The all-day restaurant combines Eastern European dishes and Old World wines with some decidedly contemporary touches. The long marble bar is your best bet for ogling the oyster case, while the wooden tables next to some gauzy curtains are for getting to know each other a bit better.

It's there, at the latter, where you'll toast with shots of beet- and tarragon-infused vodka served with a traditional pickle and black bread garnish. Then, move onto Khachapuri cheese bread and beef heart pierogi. Just like Polish grandma makes.

It's also there where you don't want to skip dessert. Everything, from the blackberry ice cream to the donuts, is made in-house. They'll all pair nicely with a raspberry brandy cocktail chilled with beet and pea flower ice cubes. Or maybe another shot of vodka.

What, it's a caviar bar...
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